Kel Rae restores the direct path to healing!

Kel Rae is a new thought leader and mystic who brings Divinity and healing together  through direct experiences with source. Through her time in meditation experiencing the ladder of light, the halo, the kundalini and more, she now reconnects to others and restores an ancient template that is a sacred vibrational language which can heal the body and empower the individual.

In 1994 she radically healed herself from permanent disability after being hit by a car and paralyzed from the waist down. Kel Rae reversed her paralysis through mind/ body reprogramming. She has also healed herself from other illnesses which include a severe disfiguring her story

Today Kel Rae restores an ancient method of healing through mind/ body balancing, and lectures and teaches the power of healing through using the mind, and listening to the intelligence of the body, employing your own Divinity, creating inner sight and more!

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