Heal Your Mind, Body & Spirit

Unify your mind to heal your body and empower your spirit!

It All Begins with Spirit: Spirit Vibrates
Our spirit moves daily through experiences. When the spirit desires something it calls out to the mind to retrieve it. If the mind believes it cannot provide what the spirit desires, then the spirit begins to deteriorate. However, the spirit can be balanced to heal our bodies through addressing the mind.

The Mind Interprets Vibration
Our mind creates thoughts and beliefs from our life experiences which form frequencies in the body that have the ability to create illness or wellness. Thoughts are frequency and frequency is vibration. All vibrations are created from the mind/ body as it vibrationally assimilates (processes) information from our environments. As we go about our daily affairs the mind interprets signals reacting both inwardly and outwardly. This movement is known as ‘energy-in-motion’ or e-motion. The interpretation of this data is imprinted onto the cellular mind and called ‘memory’. This memory forms thoughts and beliefs by utilizing its ability to link to other mind. Thoughts and beliefs created from linking form frequencies which are positively and negative reflected by the body.

The Interpretation of the Experience is reflected in the Body
Changing (our mind) will change our vibrations & heal the body. The spirit has the power to heal the body through deliberately changing its vibration. Anyone can heal themselves by creating new thought patterns to change the frequency of the body. There is a specific pattern, given to us by our ancestors, that we can utilize to facilitate our healing process – click the image below to learn how!
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Heal Your Body through Balancing Your Spirit
The spirit is reflected into the human body, therefore, when it is out of balance we can look at indicators and re balance it to bring health and wellness. Within the human body our thoughts and beliefs store themselves in specific regions that they vibrationally resonate to. This means that different parts of the body store different emotional (vibratory) data. Therefore, if a region of the body is in dis-ease we can have an indication of the vibratory thoughts (beliefs or memories) which lie behind the creation of the illness. Once we have established this the thought or belief can be revised to create wellness which eliminates the disease through specific affirmations and activities.

rydfhzy2e03m This pattern is known as the circle of Zodiacs (also used within astrology) and it relates directly to the human body. The Zodiacs can be utilized to locate emotional data in the body and re-align the mind/ body. The mind, which created the disease, can also heal it and by understanding the wheel of Zodiacs we can locate blocks and restore the body to its natural state of well-being.

Form the “whole” picture
Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual disharmony are all part of the whole picture of disease. This includes physical symptoms, medical history, sleep patterns, re-occurring dreams and fears. The Practitioner creates a clear picture of the spiritual imbalance before providing the balancing antidote.

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