Mental Vibrations

Mental Vibrations Create Your Life Experience.
Our mind creates our life experience through what we think about and what we believe to be true. These thoughts and beliefs create a frequency in the body which have the ability to create illness or wellness. Thoughts are frequency and frequency is vibration. The c
ellular intelligence within our mind/ body vibrationally translates information it assimilates from the environment.

The Body Absorbs Frequencies
As we go about our daily affairs our mind vibrationally interprets signals from the environment and reacts both inwardly and outwardly from this data. This movement is energy-in-motion and known as e-motion. The interpretation of this data is imprinted onto the cellular mind and is known as memory. This memory is used to form thoughts and beliefs by utilizing the mind’s ability to creatively link (to other mind). Thoughts and beliefs created from this linking form a frequency that have a positive/ negative relationship to the body.

Changing the Frequencies in Order to Heal
We have the power to heal our body through changing our vibration. Anyone can deliberately heal themselves by creating new thought patterns. Doing this changes the frequency of the body, which can heal the body and positively change the life experience.


Note: Vibrational science is based on the knowledge that all things in the universe vibrate. See Resources page on sidebar for more information

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