The Zodiac is a Master Code to Healing
The zodiac represents a master rhythm or code in the human body and it was used by ancient medicine men to heal the mind/ body through a system of balancing.  Love, Healing and the Zodiac Code is a natural, healing guidebook that reveals this ancient system. It is a step-by-step system that can be used by anyone and provides an easy method on how you how to reset your body rhythms naturally through recognizing the lack of love and using your mind to restore balance and peace to "your being."

The Zodiac Code is for those who want to heal themselves naturally, or who want to assist in their own healing alongside their medical practitioner. The Zodiac Code is a "must-have" for every parent who wants to naturally heal children who are experiencing illness or trauma of any kind. The Code is an absolute necessity for virtually any type of healer whether you practice holistic, eastern or western medicine that can be utilized within any practice and administered anywhere.


Love, Healing, and the Zodiac Code!
You are an individual, with special thoughts and beliefs that are all your own, yet there is a 'same-ness" that applies to everyone on the planet. This sameness reveals itself in the way we store thoughts and beliefs throughout our body. We all have a natural storage system that carries a master code in revealing where certain types of thoughts and beliefs are stored. Through utilizing a master system, you can nurture your body back into alignment and turn your magnetic field into a powerful conductor!

The Zodiac reveals an ancient system of natural mind/ body balancing in order to achieve optimal health. It reveals how the natural rhythms (vibrations) of your organs create an 24-hour algorithm that is similar to a song and, like a song on replay, this algorithm repeats itself every 24-hours in your communications to the universe.

The fundamental vibrations of this algorithm form the fundamental psychological basis for your emotions - so your body is intrinsically connected to your mind. Now if your psychological rhythms (emotions) become disrupted enough they form illness and your point-of-attraction becomes confused.

Your GPS to Healing with Love!
In today's world you hear a lot about "attracting your ideal partner" or "magnetizing the perfect job" or even, "using your mind to bring you (put desire here)" but the reality is that your "attractor signal" is confused and muddled if you are having health issues. Wouldn't you like to have massive attraction potential to clearly draw all your desires to you? Sure you would, and it begins with repairing your body with love so you can become a force that naturally attracts all things to you which you love.

You and the Vibrational Universe
The universe is bountiful and loving and it always wants to give you more of what you have. In our vibrational universe your "radio signal" is the language you speak to the universe with and it is the vibration of your mind and body which tells the universe what to match you up with. Your body is made from an amalgamation of connections between your body and mind. When these connections are strong you exude connectivity, wellness, and power and give off a clear signal. This signal becomes static whenever you feel fatigue, ill or become involved with any kind of negative thoughts. Your vibrational signal will remain unfocused until your mind/ body connections are strengthened and unified.

Wouldn't you like to have a GPS that can assist you in resolving illness, building optimal health and strength of focus - all which lead to a massive attraction potential and a healthy life? Creating strong body/ mind connections is necessary to firmly connect with those people and things you desire and it all begins with healing, either physically or emotionally and in some cases both. You have the ability to heal your body and positively to increase attraction potential in a natural and non-invasive way through using your mind.

How Your Mind/ Body Works
What your mind believes vibrationally affects your physical body. When thoughts and beliefs cannot connect to love they become limiting affecting the flow of life energy through your body and have the power to create blocks. These blocks negatively create what you experience as illness/ pain and your signals (to the universe) limit your true potential by their inability to connect you to the things that will give you joy.

The process of healing thru mind is quite simple and involves finding the limiting belief (the lack of love) and creating balance in your system. Sometimes it only takes doing activities to repair the lack of love in your body, however, knowing what these activities are or how to locate the limiting thoughts behind an illness can sometimes be a challenge...yet the code can help you find it.


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