Vibe science, transcendence, duality and the alchemy of being!

This blog is about meditation, vibrational science, alchemy, transcendence and the duality in being.

Its no secrete that tye universe is vibrational. Through my experiences in meditation I became aware that the human body (built of vibrations)  is a replica of the universe, and that the universe exists in a finite order.

That the universe is vibrational our sun, a star, reflects this order into the planet through its vibrations.
The sun knows this order because it is connected to all the stars in the universe via alignments which reveal a grid system.

The mental sun (a son of the divine father) reflects this knowing into the receptive earth body  (made of star mud but with the same crystaline structure in its core) and the hologram is born.

This hologram is held together by consciousness as it morphs through an evolutionary path (Darwinistic) where the conscsiousness moves through the earth mud to eventually reach the state of human (hu-man = hu is a divine vibe and man means mud).

Our human body is a collective of different levels of consciousness (as is the universe) that reveals a system of energetic migration (where all vibes/ consciousness evolve). This system is a cycle or circle whose parts create the whole of the being.

The father created you and supports your growth thru fertilization (sun).
The mother supports houses and nurtures you at night through dream.

These two forces, divine mother/ father live within you at all times.

Welcome to my blog!

Hello and welcome to my spiritual blog!

over years of meditation and communicating to source via the inward way, I’ve created this blog to share some of my insights into meditation, life and source. While I exist on earth, like you, my mind is far out in the galaxy – so far that earth is a dot to me. Please post and ask questions concerning anything related to these topics.